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Embark on the new opportunities We are constantly driven to unlock opportunities, pioneering new ways of working and doing business .

Foster creativity in the workplace Open communication. Lively debate. Our innovative team gives employees the courage to speak up and feel valued for their contributions.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish” Steve Jobs’s famous quote inspires us to never be satisfied; to keep pushing ourselves to do more and be better. Every member of the team, whatever their level, must keep looking for opportunities to learn, grow and lead the change.


“Say what you do, do what you say” – Stephen R. Covey Unwavering integrity means staying true to our word. We commit to delivering on every promise we make, whether related to service, experience or quality.

“Fail forward” mentality Open communication. Lively debate. Our innovative team gives employees the courage to speak up and feel valued for their contributions.

We don’t hide behind facades We believe that a culture of internal transparency is critical to building trust and respect. This in turn enables stronger, better motivated teams who can drive business success.

“Listen to understand, not just to reply” As Roy T. Bennett wrote “Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity”. We actively listen to our people, ensure to step into the culture of confessional honestly.


“Every person is a new door to a different world” As quoted from Six degrees of Separation, we believe that our strength lies in our differences, not our similarities. By welcoming people from diverse backgrounds, we invite different ways of thinking that broadens our understanding of the world.

Diversity has become a business imperative Celebrating diversity enhances our understanding of the underlying forces shaping the behaviors and tastes of travelers across the globe. By adapting global trends for the local market, we can unlock opportunities for disruption.

Hire for attitude, train for skill We prioritize the right culture-fit and attitude over hiring purely on skills, experience and expertise. Regardless of background, we look for candidates with an aptitude and a passion who can bring a unique perspective and skillset to the team.

Teamwork makes the dream work Our ability to rally change stems from the collective knowledge of our employees. Our team is made up of empowered individuals who be able to work well with others, demonstrate leadership, collaboration and good communication.


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen KellerWe believe that success is best when it’s shared with our community. Equally important is to ensure that local economies and host communities are benefited through an integrated tourism approach.

Engagement beyond the hotel We understand that the guest experience extends beyond the walls of our property. So we partner with our community in promoting recreational activities that elevates the destination in a positive way.


Taking responsibility We are stewards for the destinations in which we operate in. Together with our local partners, we are committed to operating sustainably and minimizing any negative impact on the environment and community.

Sustainable by design Great design is sustainable design. We comply as much as possible the principles of ecological sustainability through skillful, sensitive design, which requires renewable resources, impacts the environment minimally, and connects people with the nature.

Awareness is the first step of change We use our position of influence to educate people about sustainability and provide solutions and experiences to help them positively change their behaviors and lifestyles.