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Career opportunities

Director of Finance

Number of recruitment: 1

Job level: Management

Location: Côn Đảo

Main tasks

Company Accounting

  • Responsible for appropriate Policies and Procedures to be in place
  • Responsible for overseeing the General Accountant who will have the primary responsibility for ensuring that accounting is done correctly on a day-to-day basis.

Company Controls

  • Responsible for proposing Policies and Procedures to ensure that proper financial controls are in place to be approved by the Management.
  • Responsible for managing the day-to-day controls on expenditures.
  • Screens contract, requisitions and purchase orders for compliance with control and budget before such commitments reach the General Manager

Budget And Cash Flow Projections

  • Responsible for preparation of a proposed operational budgeted to be approved, in the first instance by the General Manager, Director of Finance and Accounting – Group and then by Chief Execcutive Officer.
  • Assists in the preparation of Capital budgets for the development of the Project to be approved in the first instance by the General Manager, Director of Finance and Accounting – Group and then by the Chief Execcutive Officer.
  • Responsible for preparing cash flow projections which shall take into account all budgets of the Company

Financial Reporting 

  • Responsible for approving regular (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual as appropriate) financial status reports
  • Responsible for the Financial Statements of the company to be prepared in compliance with the country requirement, then to be approved by General Manager, Director of Finance and Chief Execcutive Officer.
  • Ensuring other reports that are required to be submitted to any relevant government agency.

Company Taxes

  • Responsible for tax planning of the company
  • Responsible for ensuring timely submission any applications for refunds of any taxes which may be receivable by the Company

Company Treasury

  • Responsible for managing cost of funds and the exchange rate risk of the company
  • Responsible for ensuring that the available cash of the company is utilized in a way which maximizes the economic return.


  • for planning for the external audit, ensuring all documents and reports to be prepared (including, but not limited to the Financial Statements) required by the audit and leading the coordination with the external audit team during the field work and preparation of the Audited Financial Statements

Information Technology

  • Assists in the building of an efficient and professional team of employees within Information Technology Department
  • Provides direction and assistance to employees in the IT Department units regarding accounting and budgeting policies and procedures, and efficient control and utilization of financial resources.
  • Ensures employees in the IT Department establish and maintain open, collaborative relationships within their team.


  • Maintains controls of the costs of the different services, in particular the food and beverage cost.
  • Reviews of operating equipment stores to avoid unnecessary/excessive purchases and to eliminate of obsolete items.
  • Conducts regular quality control audits to ensure staff are performing their duties according to standard Hotel.
  • Conducts surprise audit of receiving areas to ensure that Receiving Employees are compliance with food safety standards and are aware of hazards in advance.

Human Resources Managing and Conducting

  • To assist the Human Resources Manager in implementing effective training programmes for Divisional employees to maximise skills, knowledge and productivity and to implement effective succession planning in line with the principles of “People, Productivity and Profit”.
  • In liaison with the Human Resources Manager, to conduct all Annual Appraisals for Divisional Management and ensure all performance appraisals, assessments and disciplinary and counselling interviews are conducted in line with Corporate and legislative requirements.
  • To assist in the building of an efficient team of employees by taking an active interest in their welfare, safety and development.


  • Diploma in Finance and Accounting Major.
  • At least 03-year experience on the same position.
  • Excellent oral and written English communication.