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Career opportunities

Procurement Manager

Number of recruitment: 1

Job level: Professional

Location: Hồ Chí Minh

Main tasks

General Responsibilities

  • To always act in the interest of the Group, adhere to all applicable policies governing the Group, subscribe to truth in all activities and abstain from any form off corruption activities;
  • Ensures procedures and processes are followed;
  • Continuously work to improve purchasing system and processes with the coordination with IT department when needed;
  • Coordinate with related department to prepare cost estimates and develop budgets for purchasing department based on the requirements of each project and its facilities;
  • Source for suppliers, interviews and perform pre-qualification of suppliers;
  • Receives quotations and tenders from prospective suppliers and perform comparison and review of specifications and scope of work;
  • Coordinate with each department and provide necessary information on quantity and specifications for ordered items or any variations to the original request;
  • Perform negotiation with suppliers to get the best price possible for the Group;
  • Make recommendations to management based on past coordination experience, quotation, payment term, quality and after sale service of the suppliers and other criteria deemed necessary and important for making decision;
  • Ensure all procured OS&E, FF&E and other procured items meet the required standards and specifications;
  • Ensures deliveries of OS&E and FF&E are in time for the opening of the project;
  • Coordinate with end-users and resolve any problems arises;
  • Check invoices for accuracy before passing them to management for approval and payment;
  • Maintain the supplier database, purchase records and related documentations;
  • To continually perform market research for new products development, fluctuation in materials and prices of goods;
  • Perform regular review of current suppliers to ensures their capability to continually meet the requirements of the Group, including financial and non-financial aspects;
  • Ensure logical filing system for purchasing documents, including purchase requests, comparisons, approvals, purchase orders, minute of handover/acceptance, invoices and warranty certificates (if any);
  • Other ad-hoc tasks as assigned by direct reporting line.

Pre-opening phase

  • Coordinate with related departments and hotel’s General Manager for the OS&E list and budget;
  • Develop a purchasing plan including purchasing strategies and purchasing schedule based on the expected opening date;
  • Ensures deliveries and installation (if any) of OS&E and FF&E are in time for the opening of the project.

Post-opening phase

  • Monitor the quality of purchased items and work with suppliers on any defect;
  • Perform regular checks on the OS&E and FF&E quality and make evaluations for future purchases;
  • Provide supports to hotel’s purchasing department on sourcing and negotiation when needed;
  • Supervise hotel’s procedures of purchasing, receiving and storing that align with Group’s policies and procedures;
  • Develop audit report template, policies and procedures;
  • Perform quarterly audit of purchasing, receiving and storing process at owned and managed hotels.

Projects managed by International Operator via contract

  • Coordinate with related departments and Operator for the OS&E list and budget;
  • Review the budget and provide cost estimations based on quantity and quality and origin;
  • Develop a purchasing plan including purchasing strategies and purchasing schedule based on the expected opening date;
  • Work with Operator to construct effective coordination process including purchasing request, approvals, purchasing order and notification of deliveries, …
  • Maintain close relationship with Operator for supports.

Personnel related responsibilities

  • Planning for future staffing needs;
  • Conduct interviews with potential candidates;
  • Clear job descriptions and tasks assignment for each position within the department;
  • Direct staff trainings on know-hows, suppliers’ handling and negotiation skills;
  • Develop probation goals, monthly, quarterly, yearly goals and conduct timely evaluations and improvement plans;
  • Coaching, counseling and provide constructive feedback to enhance performance;
  • Prepare development plans for each position and for the successor.

Financial related responsibilities

  • Prepare annual budget based on Group’s direction and developments of the year;
  • Effectively monitor and analyze variations from the budget monthly and quarterly and strategically prepare recovery plans for the year’s overall;
  • Prepare year-end report.


  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management, Foreign Trade, Economics, Materials, Purchasing Management, or related fields;
  • At least 5 years of experience in a similar position of 5-star hotels; and other similar businesses is a plus;
  • Having experience in the pre-opening phase is a competitive advantage;
  • Strong understanding and knowledge of the hospitality industry;
  • Good networking and strong negotiation skills;
  • Capable to work with international suppliers in addition to local suppliers in the necessary situation;
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate data and make rationale recommendations;
  • Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Exchange and Outlook;
  • Ability to travel as required;
  • High sense of responsibility, integrity, transparency, and commitment;
  • A team player with excellent interpersonal and communication skills with written and oral proficiency in English and Vietnamese;
  • Effectively communicating in Chinese is a competitive advantage;
  • Be able to work and handle a fast-paced, busy and stressful environment. Work under pressures and deadlines with particular attention to detail.