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Save Turtles Run – Mindful Experiences for Modern Travellers

In celebration of the 2nd anniversary, The Secret Côn Đảo wants to Modern Traveller summer vacations extra special with opportunities for more meaningful connections sparked by stepping out and exploring the destination.

A trip to the place famed for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world for its golden sand, crystal-clear water, and lush green plant life leads to The Secret Côn Đảo, representing a contemporary lifestyle that reflects sustainable tourism – shaping experience for modern travellers.

Hundreds of “runners” of “Save Turtles Run” created an inspiring and joyful morning at Côn Đảo

Organized by AKYN Hospitality Group and The Secret Côn Đảo, “Save Turtles Run” – “Chạy Bộ Vì Rùa Biển” took place on August 20, 2022, attracting hundreds of tourists and locals to participate in the 6-kilometer route. This annual meaningful activity is not only for the objective of increasing public awareness of the value and importance of Con Dao sea turtle conservation, but it also represents the “Mindful Impact” core value of The Secret Côn Đảo and AKYN Hospitality Group towards the environment and the local community.

The Secret Côn Đảo has contributed VND 100,000,000 posted the event to support Con Dao National Park for sea turtles conservation

Travel is back and The Secret Côn Đảo is a nod to the island’s rich heritage showcasing French-colonial-era villas, thoughtfully renovated with modern elements and Indochina inspirations and sensory experiences, creating a stimulating environment and a hotspot for modern travellers from all continents in search of tropical inspiration. “We want our guests to enjoy not just a revitalizing, inspirational holiday, but return home feeling that they have had a genuine insight into the destination visited”, said Eugene Hendrik – Hotel General Manager.

Setting the Tone, a Music Hub in Côn Đảo

In collaboration with GreenLand, The Secret Côn Đảo guests ventured out to uncover the colors, soul and intriguing tour at the Hon Cau island. Travellers can snorkel dive to see the coral reefs and learn about the conservation of sea turtles through observing turtles laying eggs and releasing baby turtles to the sea…

Releasing baby sea turtles at Cau Island

At The Secret Côn Đảo, every trip can be a tale with truly intriguing experiences.

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