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AKYN Group supports the construction of the project “Borderline Light and Loving Shelter” in Quang Binh

On April 3, 2021, AKYN Group and The Secret Con Dao Hotel had a charity trip to start the construction of the project ” Ánh sáng đường biên và Mái ấm tình thương ” in Ooc and Balooc villages of Dan Hoa Commune, Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province. This is a program co-ordinated by AKYN Group with local authorities including Cha Lo International Border Gate Border Guard Station, Minh Hoa District Women’s Union and Dan Hoa Commune People’s Committee (Minh Hoa District), to contribute to improving the material facilities and living standards for the community.

The project ” Ánh sáng đường biên và Mái ấm tình thương ” is a continuation of the charity program ” Miền Trung, Chúng Tôi Bên Bạn ” organized by AKYN Group from November 2020. The project consists of two items: to build a house of love for the family of Mr. Ho Thuc, who is a poor family with many children in Balooc village, and to build an electric line lit by solar energy along the road in Ooc village with a length of nearly 1km. These are two villages located in remote areas, with rugged mountainous terrain, people’s lives are still difficult, there are nearly 70 households with nearly 500 people, most of which are ethnic minorities. the Bru, Van Kieu and Chut minorities.

Ms. Dinh Thi Ngoc Le, Chairwoman of the Women’s Union of Minh Hoa district, said that the project ” Ánh sáng đường biên và Mái ấm tình thương ” with all the funds sponsored by AKYN Group has a humanistic and design meaning. for the community of people in these two border villages. This is an activity starting in 2021 of the program ” Đồng hành cùng Phụ nữ biên cương ” launched by the Women’s Union of Quang Binh Province and Cha Lo International Border Gate. “We hope that in the coming time, we will receive more support from businesses like AKYN Group so that we can have more houses of love and welfare works to help people stabilize their lives, attach bind and contribute to protecting the sacred land of the country,” said Ms. Le.

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